Your Questions Answered

How do you capture the images?

The images in Virtual Inspector 3D are captured with specialised photographic lenses and high end cameras which allows for a 360 degree view. After the appointment to capture the images, our team uses software we developed to process the images into an interactive tour. 

How long does it take?

We can capture some spaces in as little as under 1 hour. Larger spaces may take up to 2 hours onsite. After the appointment, in most cases the tour is processed and online within 48 hours. 

Can I load my tour to web portals like or

Yes - just add the link we will provide you to the virtual tour field when creating a listing.

Can I custom brand my Virtual Inspector 3D?

Yes - Custom branding is easy to setup, and complimentry when you order your first Virtual Inspector 3D. We will discuss this with you at time of order.

Does it work on my mobile / tablet?

Virtual Inspector 3D was designed for use with tablets and smartphones, and works great on your laptop too.  All you need is your web browser and you are ready to take a tour. No extra app or plugin downloads are required.

I need more information - how can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you - call us on        1300 144 255 or email us on